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I 've been playing with music and electronics since I don't remember. Started playing drums in the sixth grade band and moved on to guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, piano & organ. (never took lessons except for drums). Was voted band president at Garden City High School but I deferred because I liked to goof off too much. The band teacher was also relieved. Thank you, Frank Wilson (for everything). I started in the music business in 1969 for a small music store in Garden City (La Prima Music) at the age of 16 as a clerk & guitar teacher (at one time I had over 80 students a week). At some point during this time, I knew that I wanted to be an organ technician when I grew up. The guys we had doing the service work were neither very good techs nor musical in any sense of the word. Well, I'm still waiting (to grow up) and I still play out on weekends occasionally but mostly I fiddle with my modest home recording studio when I have time.



I have been servicing electronic organs professionally since 1978. First for the Wurlitzer Company (who I still have a soft spot in my heart for) & then in 1982, when I purchased the Detroit service department from Wurlitzer and started my own repair company. In May 2016, I quietly celebrated 34 years of self-employment. To date (2016), I have almost 40 years of experience servicing all types of electronic organs, electric & digital pianos & keyboards. I offer professional on-site service for electronic organs in the Southeastern Michigan area with reasonable repair prices. I can be talked into going north for a call occasionally (especially if it's trout season). I'm also a certified member of MITA (Musical Instrument Technician Association). I have a gift of a musical ear and can usually diagnose & pinpoint problems right from the keyboard. Even though sometimes I think I've seen it all, I still am learning (aren't we all).

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Don Hicks
Redford Twp. MI.

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