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Serving Detroit, Downriver and Southeast Michigan...

The largest selection of sheet music in the Detroit area
Full service music store w/ free organ lessons!
Technics Digital Pianos and Yamaha keyboards

sadly they have closed their doors...

Southeast Michigan's Allen Church Organ Dealer
Evola Music

Southeast Michigan's Rodger's Church Organ Dealer
Steinway Piano Gallery

A few projects I've done or am doing...


'Slow Blows' famous design
* a way cool 5687 based tube *
stereo microphone preamp  
I built with the help of some good people at the VS Planet

An old old Wurlitzer electronic tuner I'm rebuilding

Ernie Harwell's Turtle Poem  
A clip of his famous voice

Remember the old WABX Air Ace Dave Dixon?
Read my diatribe  here 
And join the 'I Hate Dave Dixon Fan Club'

My Grandmother's paintings
Ardis Fairbanks  

My very very humble home
Recording Studio  

*** Some useful Hammond Links ***


A library of Hammond and Leslie technical facts and information

Hammond-Leslie Age Determination List

Captain Foldback Hammond Page

Captain Foldback Leslie Page

The Hammond Organ Story

Hammond As In Organ: The Laurens Hammond Story

*** Interesting Theater, Pipe and Church Organ Sites ***


The Theatre Organ Home Page
This is a very extensive web site about
Theatre Organs, Hammond Organs, and has
an organ classified section.

The Detroit Theater Organ Society
Featuring the Mighty 4/34 Wurlitzer Theater Pipe Organ

Lance Luce - Theatre Organist
Lance Luce has been a church organ consultant
in Michigan since 1991.
He is currently the main representative
for Allen Organs and Reuter Pipe organs.
Lance has designed and installed over 200 organs
in churches, homes and institutions.
His background includes pipe organ repair and building,
electronic organ design, installation, voicing, and pipe interfacing.

The Historic Redford Theater
The Way Movies Were Meant To Be Seen

The Theater Organ
Then and Now

Organ History

The American Guild of Organists


American Institute of Organbuilders

Organ Historical Society


PIPORG-L, a very informative site

Encyclopedia of Organ Stops


*** Also check out these Audiophile fun tweak pages ***



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